Hey all,

Almost two years later and there has been no consensus. It is being brought up again due to a brief discussion with JonCruz via IRC. So, does anyone want to change from the leading 0 scheme at this point? Jon mentioned potential of 4.9 as opposed to 0.49, or the year/month method as Ubuntu uses for example, if 0.49 is released in Aug/Sept it would be 11.08/11.09. Bryce had also suggested a year/current system hybrid a couple years ago when last discussed, such as 2011.0.49 (which I guess I'd rather see something like that go more like 11.49).

So... thoughts on if we should do this? My vote? Yes... we need to have a solid leading number because that matters (psychologically) to a number of users. Besides, with Google & Mozilla incrementing version numbers in their software so quickly, it makes me feel less like we need to hold to a very developer oriented version numbering scheme. (come on, Thunderbird even flat out gets to skip a major digit, so that lessens the blow if we did do decimal bump for a 4.9 or whatever else imho)