2009/5/22 Alexandre Prokoudine <alexandre.prokoudine@...400...>

Could we possibly try to include two currently disabled LPEs into
0.47? I'm particularly talking about:

1. Mirror symmetrically, which resolves multiple times requested
symmetric drawing mode
2. Booloops, which makes Spiro a lot more useful.

About the mirror lpe, I don't know: I find it usefull right now, but it is supposed to be part of the "geometric tools", which are not ready yet, and be refactored at some point. I'd follow Johan opinion about this.

As for boolops, I didn't try it recently, but it has a lot of bugs, mostly on 2geom side if I'm not wrong: it turns out mgs is currently refactoring 2geom boolops code. It's about to be finished, but I doubt we'll have enough time to test this enough to add it to the release...
Moreover, the behavior of this lpe with respect to transform looks strange to me (when the operator B is a clone of another object), and should be emproved. (I confess I'm still not 100% convinced by the way we handle transforms in lpes, but this is an old story, and I don't want to reopen it now ;-) ).

Cheers, jfb.