We actually also have cmake building available in Inkscape, so no need to convert, just add hooks for autotools in again to appropriate changes for cmake in-tree.


On Jun 2, 2013 9:48 PM, "Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira" <vini.ipsmaker@...400...> wrote:
2013/5/28 Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira <vini.ipsmaker@...400...>
I'll be coding for this project very soon and I created a repository for it at https://github.com/vinipsmaker/kopf2011 . When we decide where is the best place to keep the project during the WIP phase, I'll move it.

Changes based on the feedback:
  • Moved to project to https://launchpad.net/libdepixelize (before was github)
  • libdepixelize instead kopf2011
  • Tracer namespace instead kopf2011
  • Dual licensed under GPLv2 or later and LGPLv2.1 or later
  • The name of the class containing the algorithm's implementation will continue to reference the "kopf2011" name
CMake is being used for the library, but I'll convert to autotools during Inkscape integration.

You can find an initial repo skel that copies the pixel data in a graph data structure and build instructions. I'm using Inkscape code convetions and Inkscape dependencies. I hope I didn't miss anything.

Vinícius dos Santos Oliveira

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