Missed the point of everything I said.
It's not about helping or not helping, it's about supporting things that are a danger to users. See for example how many XP machines are currently used in botnet attacks.

I also mentioned running XP in a VM to this user, so I'm clearly not against helping. :)


On 27 Feb 2017 6:15 p.m., "LucaDC" <dicappello@...2144...> wrote:
C R wrote
> Imho, we should not be encouraging XP users to stay on XP, or any OS that
> is no longer supported by the community, or by the software corporation
> whence it came.

Sorry but I can't agree.
This is always the same story: just say you don't want to help people who
have a problem, don't try to convince them that they don't have it because
you don't have any right to say so. If someone says he's stuck with Windows
XP, why questioning on this? Just take it for granted and start from there.

C R wrote
> Unfortunately,  XP is not a good OS anymore, as a primary feature of a
> good
> OS is updates and support. It's dangerous to use closed source OSs past
> the
> support life, because the only company that has access to the code has
> stopped modifying it.

I don't agree on this too.
Why should a system not connected to internet be unsafe without updates? On
the contrary: I wouldn't update any working system where everything works
fine and nothing needs being fixed.
There's no real danger in keeping using some piece of software that works as
is. I really don't feel the urge of always using the very last release of
every software I have, unless I need some new feature. On the contrary: I
see more danger in updating something that works when I don't need to.

In some environments, primary features of a good OS are its size, its
resource requirements and deep knowledge of it gained with years of
experience, not update nor support as you don't need them if the system is
already well tested and approved.


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