Be helpful if trying to get to the request membership didnt just give an permission denied page.

On Tue, Mar 28, 2023 at 3:32 PM Maren Hachmann <> wrote:
Dear Inkscape Contributors,

it's time to make your Inkscape Membership official!

With that come voting rights for all kinds of regular contributors -
like translators, social media managers, forum moderators, documentation
writers, testers, bug managers, ... - (not only developers anymore!).

The first occasion we will be using that for is the Contributor Vote for
the ongoing About Screen Contest (contributor voting starts tomorrow,
and will end on April 9, 23:59 UTC, there will be a separate email for
that!), which is also going to be a bit of a test of the membership
system for the upcoming Inkscape PLC election.

Read all about it here:*membership/blog/inkscape-signs-new-fsa-sfc/

If you have any questions or are looking for people to confirm your
membership request, please ask away in the #general channel.
In some cases, it will be helpful to state the nature of your
contributions to the project, or to approach those directly who know
about your contributions.

Please approve membership requests of those whom you know to be a
contributor by first hand experience, and do not approve other
membership requests, as in the worst case, when the person is not a
contributor, that can get your own membership revoked.

Thank you to the PLC and the SFC for getting that set up for us, to the
website team for providing infrastructure for it, and to the Vectors
team for writing about it!


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