also I was every here and there in China in the meantime
across few chinese  provinces
very impressed by the speed of progress (4 years ago everything was ...way back on the past ...)

back in topic - today I hope to finish my upgrade from Maya to Nadia
so give me the path for the new branch
we should talk about the "on canvas" ..general usability points we need for new controls [oops new on-canvas controls ?] and the point / node workflow

non familiar users (with splines) will try hard to use bezier modifiers - so bezier modifiers should not be there at all ..that mean we need to offer a compensation - they will not make the mental link to use node types in the first second - therefore maybe we can add a new button in toolbar - Spiro Spline. From the start any user can use this tool to create spiro splines NOT pnly  options presented under other line drawing tools (probably one want to create a spiro spline after he open a new file - why he can't have this option directly on toolbox ..without the need to use another 2 clicks) 

I think it's time to make a mockup about this tool

2012/11/18 Jabiertxo Arraiza Cenoz <jabier.arraiza@...2893...>
Hi Sorin, sorry for the late ask. I stay away. and coudent reply
original mensage where you are telling me how you think the SpiroLive
couldent work.
I undestand you perfect. This is whath I have in mind whith the
alternate branch, and think this week the develop is finished. I don
need your sketches -thanks very much. because you explaiin it very well.
Now i have a cuestion: do two repositories for all people could test or
only one and "lost" later brehabiors.
But i dont have reply to my cuestion about this in the list, and if
nobody tell me, i thik another branch born "SpiroLive2"
Hi, Jabier.

Nemes Ioan Sorin