Oh! that is a nice measurement tool! And so much easier to use!
Thanks for the work Mr. Sanches! This will come handy :)

From the human-computer interaction standpoint can I suggest 3 points?

- Putting 'font size' spinner box to 'tool properties'.
Rationale: Custom font size spinner is a convenient functionality, but probably will not be used so often to put it on the main screen. 'Tool properties' are only a double click away and easily accessible.

- Adding the shortcut to the tooltip (see, for example, 'select and transform' tooltip)

- Improving visibility of the measurement text by removing the current text outline and putting a rectangular background. I don't know if you will be able to see the attached image... if not, you can see it with some additional explanation here (http://cuts.thinking-garment.com/273) too.



On 11-06-20 14:11 , Felipe Sanches wrote:
A new screencast showing the improvements to the Measurement Tool implemented this week: