2009/8/14 Jarosław Foksa <jfoksa@...400...>
My theme can be previewed here:
http://drupalready.com/playground/inkscape/news (login/pass:
Why exactly does drupalready.com need authentication?

I would say it's like 30% done, a lot of stylings are missing.
Hmm... in my opinion it looks too gimmicky.  I like clean designs without images all over the place where they're not needed in my opinion (e.g. menus with different images for each item).

- better sidebar icons
- print stylesheet
- mobile support (using http://drupal.org/project/mobile_tools)
- favicon
- replace all px units with ems for fonts
- stylings for typography, forms, tables, warning messages
- iefix.css (do we have to support IE6 and IE7?)
Yes, sadly.
- some jQuery enhancements (animated main menu, smooth transitions on
hover states)
I personally would do it without any of this as it's just extra clutter to no real benefit. 

- add SVG Web library (http://code.google.com/p/svgweb/)
What would you use it for?  In my theme I kept it simple and didn't include any SVG content partially for support, but mainly because I couldn't really justify it. Just because Inkscape is an SVG editor doesn't mean you've got to use SVG for everything on the website... that's a thought, we could have an entirely SVG interface... :P

Thanks for providing competition though :-)

-- Chris Morgan <chris.morganiser@...400...>

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