Exactly, Nicolas and I updated the devlibs with Python 2.7 some time ago.
The 32 bit devlibs updated a bit later than the 64 bit devlibs and that change is obviously not yet reflected in the cmake file.

One related question:
Since Windows seems to be a bit neglected regarding changes to the build infrastructure and I guess we'd like to release 0.92 at some point (is there some remotely reliable schedule for that?). Do we have someone who looks after packaging for Windows? Who was responsible for that in the 0.91 release?

Right now Nicolas and I are creating development releases but at least I never looked into packaging so far...


Am 02.09.2016 um 23:18 schrieb Sylvain Chiron:
/inkscape $ grep python26 **/*.* # with Bash globstar extension
CMakeScripts/Install.cmake:258:      ${DEVLIBS_PATH}/python/python26.dll

Might be there:
Means there should be no difference here between 32 and 64-bit maybe.


Le 02/09/2016 à 17:54, LucaDC a écrit :
When compiling the 32 bit version of lp:inkscape/0.92.x (rev 15067, devlibs
rev 63) under Windows 7 64 bit with cmake, I get 'mingw32-make install'
stopping because it cannot find devlibs/python/python26.dll and, in fact, in
the devlibs directory there is python27.dll since commit 62 (13/05/2016).
I still haven't learned the cmake mechanics so I don't have the foggiest
idea on where to look to correct this.



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