On Fri, 2016-10-14 at 11:48 +0000, Jason (spot) Brower wrote:
I think it would be nice to have a diffing tool inside of Inkscape.
The idea is that we find areas that have change between two versions and it would visually hande a box around the idea showing what had changed.  Ideally as a lay that can be turned on and off.
I know my work would be better if there was a way to show what changed between versions without needing to look at the svg code itself.
Do you think this kind of thing could work?

It depends on exactly what you want. To find visual differences, one would need to be able to render both images then subtract pixel by pixel the results. Any resulting non-zero pixels could then be drawn in red and overlaid on top of one of the original images.  To find differences in the SVG files you would need to invoke an XML diff tool which might not be all that useful as the internal representations of two identically rendering SVG files can be very different. Just opening and saving an SVG file in Inkscape can result in significant changes to the file. I did recently add the ability to save SVG files with the attributes and properties sorted in a canonical order which should significantly reduce the arbitrary changes between SVG files edited by Inkscape (set  /options/svgoutput/sort_attributes=1 in the Inkscape preferences file).


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