Inkscape GIMP Shotwell Aseprite and other open-source image editors - Great Scott! you cannot meet me at Twin Peer-to-Peer Mall at 1:15 AM
  program peer-to-peer programs, including unseen competitive games

i've had enough practical jokes for one morning, future boy!
  siding with big by accepting Hill Valley without peer-to-peer games github twitch email
    when Marvin Berry inviting Marty to play guitar is p2p
  selling out Isengard Tower and garden by hosting money-donate-sponsor-ads-jobs-coins disease
    Rey refuses to sell BB-8 for 60 portions in the desert, you burn Fangorn for coin fuel in the era of Internet
  turning programs into projects like producers pushing Nick Lang to play Joe Gunn when he wants Ray Casanov part
  docs-nesting around one program and not programming games like proud Vulcan Academy
    yet having hsiny web pages and lengthy maintainer credits and attributions
    no wonder Spock left for Starfleet
  thank you, ministers, for your consideration - live long and prosper

maybe you were adopted
  honest as What the Health?
  if Federer Nadal Djokovic instead of competing for gran-slam set up a donation-collecting docs-booth in the middle of court
  if Linus - inner Jabba the Hutt stole name Freax - agreed to join Steve Jobs and Apple on that meeting when first came to California
    instead of keeping his word - free and open
  if torrent clients accepted Strickland-serer-networks-only valley instead of generating most traffic
  if Jesus instead of feeding 4000 had a small comfy meal for himself and friends for years or started a bread-breaking business
  even Biff would gladly polish their car for being scarier bullies

Marty! you've gotta come back with me!
  even dust of open source image and photo editors we hake off of out Seinfeld-Obama-Nike running shoes
  but be sure - peer-to-peer programs including new competitive games - are climbing like Honnold on Mount Kenia
  no projects no experiments no docs no issue-scratching-on-top-of-ou-heads
  no money-sponsor-donate-ads-coins-jobs fatal error
  programs who are guests not workers
  breathing and singing with their won voice like Chris Pine i-am-Chris-Pine
  better than what Borg of money can collective-gram
  are on their way along with Pat Brown and Impossible Foods mission
  both will be served in vegan jars of time travel parens ( )

my calculations are correct - when this baby hits 88 miles per hour, you're gonna see some serious shit

Peter Dinklage: you thought that Joffrey had to survive - he aint in the credits for season five - baby you know i'm the man for all seasons