is there an official youtube account for inkscape?

Abdur-Rahmaan Janhangeer

On Tue, 6 Nov 2018, 08:46 brynn, <brynn@...78...> wrote:
Hi Friends,
        Relatively recently, the screencasters.heathenx website was closed.  I
just found out about it a month or 2 ago.  Mark (aka Xav, on InkscapeForum) has
acquired copies of most if not all of them.  Little by little, he has been
uploading them to YouTube.  I think he said
he's been adding approx 3 per week.

        I've just edited the link on the Learn page
( of the website, and added a brief notation about
the videos being added to YT.  On the Video Tutorials page
(, where there was simply a link to that
website, I deleted it.

        The reason I deleted it, is because I don't have time to do this myself.
But I recall a year or maybe closer to 2 years ago someone was interested in
adding individual videos (links to them, I mean) to that page.  So I thought
they (or anyone) might like to kind of keep track of what's been uploaded to YT,
and choose the "Best of" and add them to the Video Tutorials page.

        If someone is interested to do this, but they don't already have access
to edit the page, just reply to this message, and someone can get you set up to
do that.

        If no on is interested, or has time right now, there are already other
videos on the page.  So I think it will be ok.  But if anyone is interested, the
best of those videos would be nice to include there.

All best,

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