Maybe a good idea, but it can be wise to look briefely trough the text at this stage to fix some text issues. Hopefully the one who makes the illustrations don't have to do things twice.

Vennleg helsing

2017-07-24 4:02 GMT+02:00 brynn <brynn@...90....>:
Hi Friends,
       I had initially started with proofreading for the new beginners guide, but quickly found it was very difficult to do, without taking the graphics into account.  Without knowing where the images are going to be placed and whether they might have captions or not, it's hard to make the text fit well.

       Especially when the goal is to be brief and clear with the text, and not load it with a lot of technical details.  One way to make it simple, is to use graphics wisely.  But if the graphic for a particular item is far away from the text on the page, it could backfire, and make it more difficult to understand.

       I (or anyone) could proofread the text by itself.  But after the layout and styling teams do their jobs, and place the images on the pages, the text and graphics may or may not work well together.  Unless that's part of the style and layout teams' jobs?  But it seems like that puts a lot of work on their plates?

       So I want to propose doing the proofreading as the final step.  I'm not familiar with writing books or manuals.  But for general text documents, like articles or theses, it seems like proofreading is usually the final step.  So I thought it couldn't hurt to make the suggestion.

       I wasn't sure whether to make this an Issue in the gitlab.  It seems like not very many of the Docs team or guide-writing team is looking there.  So I wanted to at least start the discussion where the widest number of people can see it.  If a formal Issue is needed, I'll be glad to make one.

       Anyway, just a thought.

Thanks for listening,

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