Am 19.04.2018 um 21:41 schrieb brynn:
The short answer is that there's just not enough potential contents for the whole Learn page and menu.

The general format for the website, is for the main menu item page to be a brief introduction to everything else in the menu.  But if we take away the tutorials, look at what's left in that section - one sentence.  I  seem to recall we did try it without the tutorials listed, but the page looked really sad....

What's wrong with a short introduction/overview page? The whole point of giving an overview is to be concise, if the "overview" page already has a lot of content it's likely some of the less noticeable links to other menu items will be overlooked.

Duplicated content as we have now certainly can't be the solution as it's a maintenance nightmare and unnecessary burden for translators (case in point: I've never even thought to check for tutorial links on the "Learn" page - who'd expect them there if we have a dedicated "tutorials" page? - and that's the whole reason for the broken links).

Except for the FAQ, which is a huge page, I'd probably be open to condensing the entire Learn menu and its contents, into a single page....maybe under Community? I've been wishing we could put the Gallery as a main menu item, for a long time. And removing Learn menu would allow for that.  Maybe the FAQ could be a separate page under Community??

I'd not do that for several reasons: