Hi Friends,
        This may be something for LP, but I thought I would post here first,
just to be sure.  Someone mentioned recently putting up a page on the
website (maybe Maren), listing all the work we need (or hope) to be done, not just on the
website but for the project as a whole, and asking for volunteers.  Kind of
"help needed" board, or "volunteers wanted" or "jobs postings"....
        I suppose it would be a page under Contribute.  It would list the
jobs or tasks available, and also indicate the skills or experience that
would be needed for it.  Also who to contact, how to contact, etc. I suspect
we have people in the community who might like to help, but who don't
realize what is needed.
        Some examples:
    -- a webmaster or someone who knows about content management (or there
might be a better way to say that, but just for example)
    -- other needs for website (Maren and Martin know more)
    -- a tutorial or guide to writing extensions
    -- a tutorial or guide to compiling on our 3 supported systems
    -- I'm sure some of you have other ideas, as well?
    -- maybe can't hurt to mention the need for translators here too (in
addition to the other page)
    -- work needed related to
    -- etc.
        Should I make a feature request?  Or just make page?

All best,