Hello Alberto from GNOME!

I'm sure Chris would love to help, but it would be nice if you could chat with him directly.

Perhaps the best way is through our own Rocket.chat Vectors channel (marketing and outreach).

Inkscape and GNOME share a part of the audience so it would be interesting to see how we could collaborate and share experiences if there is enough interest.

BTW out of curiosity: how did you come by the video? Just directly from the Inkscape site?


On 12. 02. 2019. 13:23, Alberto Fanjul Alonso wrote:
Just seen this video de other day:


And the pace and level of detail feels perfect.
Although obvious for many of us which work or regular basis with gitlab, it shows it needs several steps to open an issue.

We in GNOME use gitlab too, and found many people start to contribute more due to gitlab simplicity, but we can always do it better.

Is it possible to get the sources of the video to create a similar one about MR (Merge requests) ?

I guess I should ping C. Rogers about this, but not sure at all so I post this question here.

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