I am not aware of any existing Portuguese community, or IRC channel for that matter. At least not European Portuguese, though I must say I never really searched for one before.
From a quick (an not very thorough) Google search I found this IRC channel and this website though I am not sure of it's intentions, or user activity.
Maybe our Brazilian friends can jump in and share any Brazilian communities they know :)

On 20-05-2015 19:09, Maren Hachmann wrote:
Am 20.05.2015 um 19:46 schrieb Marc Jeanmougin:

#inkscape-fr for french is active and has been pointed to by the french version of the chat page for a long time.

Most people asking on IRC in something else than english ask in spanish or portuguese, sometimes german.

Thank you, Marc, - German should be solved now ;) - there exists an
active IRC channel.

The French page contains quite a different text than the English page
(but a good one, which seems to be tailored to replace the English pdf,
only it also seems to sum up several sections of the page), and a little
English, too.

Maybe someone can help with updating the page, and making its sections a
little more similar to the English ones, so it will be easier for other
translators who may come after us?


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