A few strings were modified in inkscape.pot shortly after my announcement :

-msgid "Preferences file was deleted."
+msgid "Preferences file was backed up to"

-msgid "There was an error trying to delete the preferences file."
+msgid "There was an error trying to reset the preferences file."

+msgid "Bamum"
-msgid "Bamum."

+msgid "Kaithi"
-msgid "Kaithi."

+msgid "Khojki"
-msgid "Kjohki"

+msgid "No paths were found. Please convert objects you want into paths."
-msgid "No paths where found. Please convert objects you want into paths."

-msgid "Preserve staircaseing artifacts"
+msgid "Preserve staircasing artifacts"

(thanks to Yuri Chornoivan for finding the typos)

Sorry for the changes, and thanks again all!


On 10/10/19 12:17 AM, Marc Jeanmougin wrote:
Hi devs and translators !

Just to make it official, we are now in feature and string freeze :

- New features that have any possibility of having a bug or to need
testing will be postponed to post-branching time

- Any modification to strings will need to be approved and will need an
email to translators ML

- Dev focus should ideally be given to bugfixing ;)

@Translators : the pot file should now be stable, as Maren indicated a
few hours ago (only two strings changed since then), sorry for the changes

Thanks all for your involvement in this release!

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