Why change?
Usage of Launchpad's Bazaar can extend our current working environment and allow us to work on the files online and get suggestion from Launchpad as well as working directly on the PO file, Bazaar can be updated the same way SVN does plus adding the online editing feature, I can't see what's wrong with that, those who would like to work in the old-fashioned way can keep on doing it but those who prefer moving on to launchpad can choose to do so...
Am I right?
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On Sat, Dec 5, 2009 at 11:36 AM, Luca Bruno <gnug.torte@...20...> wrote:
Yuri Chornoivan scrisse:

> Personally I do not like this idea. Online translations are slow and
> inefficient with LP. Some of Rosetta "benefits" mentioned are
> hilarious (have you ever seen offline translation tool without
> spellchecking and TM these days?). Rosetta does not hightlight diffs
> in messages (as Lokalize and Virtaal), does not support fuzzy
> messages, has slow procedure of offline translations download.

Been there, used that, not fond of it too.
My opinion is almost the same as Yuri's one, only adding that the
current process seems to be working well enough not to force us to
change it right now.
The only bonus point I can see there is a bigger base of translators for
not-so-widespread languages, but I'm much more worried about how it
would negatively impact on the overall style, correctness and coherence
(yes, already had bad experiences for these ones as well).

Cheers, Luca

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