Hi, Maren!
I've searched for related Russian IRC channel - 0 results found.
As things are going, Russian end-users usually use common forums (mostly in Russian) to ask for the help. Russian developers, on the other hand, usually know English quite well and do not hesitate to use English IRC channels and forums (as there are far more specialists).
Localized IRC channels commonly used for discussions on big topics (for instance, community of Ubuntu, Archlinux users).

Egor Panfilov

2015-05-21 18:39 GMT+03:00 Maren Hachmann <maren@...325...>:
Thank you, Duarte, for looking!

Browsing around the website you linked, I found this:
"Nos encontramos no canal |#inkscape-brasil| no servidor |freenode.net| "

I just connected to both Portuguese/Brazilian channels to test, and they
were a bit ... empty.
Maybe it's a time zone issue? Does anybody know more?

Question to the non-pt people ;-) :
Is there a Russian, Spanish, Chinese, or Japanese Inkscape IRC channel
which is active?

I will also ask this over at inkscape-user.

Thanks for helping!