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I checked the Blender manual again and it uses Sphinx. It supports multiple translations and people are able to download the manual for offline use, which is great.

The only things that worry me are that it would be difficult to deal with images on different languages. I believe that we could set as the default manual language the English language since it is the most widely accepted and supported in software.

I was just wondering if new languages,  based on the English manual, would use Inkscape images in English or if they would like to retake the same screenshots in different languages? In the Blender manual they kept everything in English even if the manual is written in German or Spanish.

I found a very good website with a lot of documentation research already done:

Will start my research from there.

--Victor Westmann

2017-04-06 8:24 GMT-07:00 Sylvain Chiron <chironsylvain@...364...>:
Le 06/04/2017 à 16:35, Elisa Godoy de Castro Guerra a écrit :
> Exactly the french version is up to date.
> https://www.flossmanualsfr.net/initiation-inkscape/

(Re)published January 30th, 2015.

Le 06/04/2017 à 02:37, Maren Hachmann a écrit :
> I'd also suggest looking into flossmanuals, maybe make an account and
> see how it works. Sylvain, you've been doing some work there, I believe?

Yeah, I wanted to review the French book (to update/improve the
screenshots, fix the spelling, improve the language and terms) but it is
very long and it’s not very funny alone… We once thought about doing it
with Hinerangi, but apparently she does not have time for it.

An English translation is started and no body works on it:

Kind regards,

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