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I am subscribed since Jan 12th. But … 
I sent my introduction mail to the wrong address :-(
I simply copied the address from the first line … didn’t bother to read the on. Sorry, my mistake.

>>Welcome to the Inkscape-translator@lists.sourceforge.net mailing list!
>>To post to this list, send your message to:
>> inkscape-translator@lists.sourceforge.net

But on the other hand, it is confusing getting greetings from one email address, but having to respond to another ...


Započni proslijeđenu poruku:

Od: MiloType <mail@...422...>
Predmet: Introducing myself
Datum: 22. veljače 2019. u 03:15:40 CET
Za: inkscape-translator-request@lists.sourceforge.net

my name is Milo Ivir. I’m an enthusiastic user of free software. Instead of donating money, I decided to translate the software I use. I also report bugs and errors. This way, I hope to help improve free software projects (and make the world a better place ;-)). I have already translated GnuCash, Gramps and some other projects at GitHub.

Other than that, I have a master’s degree in printing technologies, and have worked for over ten years at a renown font-software company. I’m also a typographer and designer.

To make Inkscape available for croatian speaking users, I finished the croatian translation for Inkscape, as well as other necessary files. Now I’d like to also translate the website’s contents.

Anything else?

bilungual: croatian, german (native)
multilingual: english, serbian (fluent), some other european langauges (basic)
multiscriptual: latin, greek, cyrillic (serbian)