Hi Sylvain,

I just did a simple change of language on the latest (0.92.1) Inkscape app and, even though it's impressive the application supports so many different languages, it needs to be restarted to do so. Which would make the work of a single person capturing the same Inkscape window in a lot of different languages longer and a little bit tedious.

I went to Edit > Preferences (or Ctrl  + Shift + P) > Interface > Selected my language of choice...

I have no idea of how much engineering it would demand -- and if this is even possible -- but I believe that for one single person to capture the same screenshot -- for our manual and documentation purposes -- multiple times(for the different languages) it would be better if it could change language of the UI without restarting the application and if we could do so using a few keyboard shortcuts. Maybe I'm asking too much here.

Since the Inkscape already has a great number of languages but it needs to be restarted to show them, maybe we would need to define a standard Operating System (at least in the case of Windows and macOS machines) for consistency.

This seems far more complicated than I have anticipated before. I believe that having, initially, the images in English would be ideal.

Another challenge that came to my mind is: IF we happen to make a new official documentation manual for the Inkscape online (more or less on the "Read the docs" style) how would we make it?

Two options here:

1. Would we change the entire manual for each major Inkscape release? (0.93.x, 0.94.x...)
2. Or would we keep the old manuial (as long as the features described in it are the same) and only append a section like: NEW FEATURES IN VERSION 0.93 and make it incremental? (I like this approach better)

Getting the screenshots and making a lot of numbers inside circles and then pointing them out would be a long work, even longer if we consider a way to include all the multiple languages.

Another challenge (just brainstorming here, I don't want to get anyone upset, just trying to anticipate problems before they happen so we can solve and overcome them) what if we change to a different language (let's say mine PT_BR) and the strings weren't translated correctly or are in English?

This makes me go back to the approach of trying to get the images in plain EN English idiom. We would change everything else (text). This way the manual would be produced faster and quicker. And we could get more volunteers to collaborate in it.

I believe we also strongly need a DEV documentation as well because we get a lot of emails on the others lists asking how to compile Inkscape on X platform. :-)

Thoughts anyone?

--Victor Westmann

2017-04-07 14:42 GMT-07:00 Sylvain Chiron <chironsylvain@...364...>:
Le 06/04/2017 à 19:06, Victor Westmann a écrit :
> I was just wondering if new languages,  based on the English manual,
> would use Inkscape images in English or if they would like to retake the
> same screenshots in different languages?

It would be pleasant to be able to propose translated images, the
original ones being used as default. I like doing perfect work — :).

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