Hi Maren, Sylvain,

Maren, agreed. We need to have something, if possible, for the users to edit on the browser. Let's try to search for this one. 
Sylvain, it's just a research on possible tools. What harm does it cause?

One question though: is it ok that the doc tool/system/platform is independent of the project hosted place? Gitlab. Does it have to be in Gitlab or is it ok if we search options like GitHub and other services/tools?

--Victor Westmann

2017-04-05 8:56 GMT-07:00 Sylvain Chiron <chironsylvain@...364...>:
Le 04/04/2017 à 20:31, Victor Westmann a écrit :
> Sylvain: Do you think the current wiki does not serve our needs for what
> particular reason?

A too complex interface, I think it’s the main reason. The community
seems to agree that it should be replaced.
But above all it lacks maintainers, of course.

> Challenge accepted! :)

This should probably be discussed on inkscape-devel…

Le 05/04/2017 à 14:57, Maren Hachmann a écrit :
> OTOH, I think gitlab has a markdown editor with preview. Does it have
> one for reST, too?

There seems to be for files but not for wikis.

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