I'm not that long-time translator at all, I just started contributing for the new website by chance.

Never even got into documentation, or UI, not very familiar with that area, but as far as I know Inkscape documentation resides in the Official Wiki, which I believe combines both manual, wiki, documentation and development info.

I don't know how it would fit into existing documentation, or if would create too fragmentation by scattering information, but it could work. Like most things in Open Source projects, I guess it's success would depend more on having active quality contributors, rather than the underlying system or platform used.

On 04-04-2017 00:19, Victor Westmann wrote:
Hi Maren and Duarte,

I know you guys are long time translators for the Inkscape project.

Do you guys know if the Inkscape project has some kind of official documentation/book/guide/wiki?

I stumbled upon www.gitbook.com and am using it for a couple of years now and I love it. Do you guys think this is feasible at some level?

Just wanted to share some new ideas and insights on possible improvements on the project.

Your thoughs and ideas are more than welcome!

--Victor Westmann