Hi Maren,

Exciting times lie ahead of us! Super glad I was able to contribute to a little bit better translate file for ptBR.po translation file.
Please make sure to record this hackfest (as much as possible) talks/workshops/presentations as they are awesome propaganda for the project!

Have a great day everyone!

--Victor Westmann

On Thu, Aug 2, 2018 at 8:06 AM, Maren Hachmann <maren@...325...> wrote:
Hi there, translators,

there will be a Hackfest coming to my city in September - I'm quite a
bit excited about it :)

Here's a news article about it:

Could you help us by translating to your language?

@Finlay Do you think you can find the time for helping me with it? I've
got a lot on my mind currently and could use your help, if you aren't on
holidays :)

Thank you, everyone!

I'm hoping to use the Hackfest time for setting up some better
translation infrastructure (not for the website cms, that can't be
helped, but for the po file based translations) and for preparing
release notes, and maybe improving on the Getting started guide... let's
see how that works out, it sounds like it could become too much,
depending on any unexpected hurdles, and any organizational stuff that
comes up :)

If there's any of the translators who would like to join us - remotely
or locally, or perhaps just some of the time, it would be good to have
testers for the new system, perhaps, and to get some of the more
neglected translations up to a higher percentage.

I see Victor has already started to help with that, and there has been
some movement with Italian, too, which is very good :)

Kind Regards,

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