Nope, still the same problem.

I'll make a report on gitlab to keep track of it.

Il giorno gio 23 apr 2020 alle ore 17:53 Maren Hachmann <> ha scritto:
As another data point:

It's working for me flawlessly with German Umlauts (ü), using the latest
self-compiled 1.0.x version on Linux.

Find the latest 64bit Windows builds from 1.0.x here:

Has this been reported as a bug at ?


Am 23.04.20 um 13:59 schrieb Cristian Secară:
> În data de Thu, 23 Apr 2020 12:05:35 +0200, Firas Hanife a scris:
>> The issue happens with all the strings that have the letter "à" in
>> all the submenus opened from the toolbar (like the one of the
>> spiral tool, right click on the value box)
>> I'm using the build from AppVeyor for Windows. [...]
> There is a major bug related to non-ASCII characters on that object
> property menu.
> If any of the strings for a given right-click dropdown property
> contains one or more non-ASCII characters, depending on the
> particular Inkscape build (at least for/on Windows), something weird
> happens there – on your system it shows garbage on that character,
> but on my system a totally different submenu shows up (as I mentioned
> a few days ago on this list with subject "where can I find most Star
> (and perhaps  Polygon) parameter strings ?")
> This for sure happens on Star/Polygon tool and Spiral tool, probably
> other places too.
> The build I am using here appears to be RC1, 64 bit, downloaded
> approx. two weeks ago as .zip file by following some links on
> Inkscape web site (cannot remember now the exact steps).
> Cristi

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