My name is Joaquim Perez (= Quim), and I'll be the next leader of Catalan l10n group of Inkscape.  Xavier Conde Rueda and me have worked in other projects and as he said I'm still very active in the Gimp project.

I think that Inkscape is a great project, and I'll be very glad to work in it.  So I'll start reading the Translation Information wiki page. If I have any question I will write you soon.


2008/9/25 Xavier Conde Rueda <xavi.conde@...5...>
Hi all,

I wanted to inform you that Joaquim Perez will be in charge of
maintaining the Catalan translation of inkscape. He's been working
actively in translating Gimp, so I'm sure he will keep rocking with

I want to thank also all the people on the inkscape translator list,
which have provided a lot of help with the most difficult terms of
this application. Many thanks!

Best regards!

"We the willing, following the unknowing are
doing the impossible. We have done so much
for so long with so little we are now able to do
anything with nothing."

+ Google talk/Jabber: xavi.conde a gmail.com