Ranking: 1, 4, 5   (and it was a REALLY tough decision) :)

Name or nickname: CRogers
Contribution to Inkscape: Stickers, Graphics, User Help, Videos & UX.

On Mon, Dec 2, 2019 at 12:25 AM Maren Hachmann <maren@goos-habermann.de> wrote:
Dear Inkscape Contributors,

We have our 5 favorites for the Inkscape 1.0 About Screen chosen from
124 entries by 96 different artists. 598 community members voted on them
and here they are for us to vote on:


1: Island of Creativity

2: Graphic design

3: Migrate to Freedom

4: How to Fold a Memory

5: Inkscape 1.0 About Screen



Please fill in the following snippet with your ranked choices and send
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The vote closes on Sun., December 15, 2019, 23:59:59 UTC (in two weeks
from now).

To see the complete gallery with all entries:

Thank you everyone!



Put the numbers in order of preference, so '32154' would mean 3 is
your first choice, 2 is your second choice etc. You don't have to rank
all numbers if you don't want to.

The system that is used for determining the winner is
https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Instant-runoff_voting, using the package
openSTV from Ubuntu repositories. Ties will be broken randomly.

Name or nickname:
The name you usually use in your communication in the Inkscape project,
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As we have decided to allow voting from Inkscape contributors (as
opposed to C++ developers and translators in the AUTHORS file only),
please help us with determining your eligibility for voting by telling
us what you do or did in the Inkscape project (very short, only main
area, e.g. 'writing Inkscape code', 'writing website code', 'writing
news articles', 'setting up infrastructure', 'translating', 'forum
moderation', 'bug triage', 'board member' etc.).



For future votes, we're thinking of using the system on the website.
Consider joining one or more teams [0] there, and to add a description
to your user profile that outlines what you do here a bit, in
preparation for that :)

0: https://inkscape.org/teams/

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