Thank you everyone for advices, tips and suggestions. Will se how we can do to make things work more efficiently on my side!

May you all have an amazing week!

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Hi guys,

how are all of you doing today? :)

I was just wondering... I'm on a Windows machine, (Windows 7 64 bit) and I mainly use the paid version of Poedit (I only paid because it is a software I use for a long time and I believe in contributing money to the developer).

But I was just wondering.. is there a more efficient way  you guys translate your po files for Inkscape project? Is there a way you guys use translation memory? Is there a way we can get past translations from past versions of Inkscape and reuse them in the current translation? Preferably automated way? :)

Any thoughts?



You should test out Virtaal for PO editing.

It has an excellent translation memory feature, as well as very useful PO quality checks.


Victor Westmann