(Sorry for not replying "for real" but I only just joined the list..)

>I would like to ask the author (Johan Forsberg) of the about.svg displayed when choosing Help ->
>About -> Splash to provide some translated versions of the graphic.

>The xx.po-files allow for a translation of the part "Draw Freely" written beneath the version number
>in the way that one can enter a string pointing to an altered splash-screen sitting in
>/share/inkscape/screens in the inkscape installation directory.
>For German it would be "about.de.svg" and "Frei Zeichnen" instead of "Draw Freely". Maybe other
>translators would like to join in for their languages?

That would be great, although I guess "draw freely" is sort of a play on words in english that may not translate too well to other languages..?

BTW, I was thinking of using the usual "draw freely" style (e.g. as seen in the 0.46 about splash) but I didn't do it because I wasn't sure where it came from. Apparently it would be OK to use it, but how to translate it? I don't have the font...