After some research the only satisfying alternative translation software I found besides Poedit was QTLinguist. It not that it is very good, but its free and mostly equivalent to the former in features. It does have nice sorting an status display direclty in the list.

It's part of the QT SDk unfortunately, but I found a few standalone releases so you don't have to download the whole multi-megabyte package.
It can translate both PO PT files and also QT based software translations, but I don't think It can do all those advanced features you mention like fetching past translation. I believe it can use some sort of translation memory or at least it has a "Phrasebooks" feature, though I'm not sure if it's the same thing.

I'd also like to hear about good alternatives under Windows (preferably non install portable ones), as I'm also not totally satisfied with neither of my current options

On 10-10-2016 22:03, Victor Westmann wrote:
Hi guys,

how are all of you doing today? :)

I was just wondering... I'm on a Windows machine, (Windows 7 64 bit) and I mainly use the paid version of Poedit (I only paid because it is a software I use for a long time and I believe in contributing money to the developer).

But I was just wondering.. is there a more efficient way  you guys translate your po files for Inkscape project? Is there a way you guys use translation memory? Is there a way we can get past translations from past versions of Inkscape and reuse them in the current translation? Preferably automated way? :)

Any thoughts?


--Victor Westmann

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