Hi Nicu,

Nicu Buculei wrote:
On 12/30/2009 11:21 PM, Claus Cyrny wrote:
Another example of photo retouching using Inkscape 0.46:


I really love this more & more. ;-) (And I just cannot imagine
that this can be as easily achieved using, say Gimp (or even

There is a Paths Tool in GIMP and while it is far from the friendliness 
of Inkscape bezier tool, you can to such effects with it (I also prefer 
to do such things in Inkscape).

of course I am aware of paths in Gimp (I use Gimp almost daily),
but Inkscape is much more flexible, and I have WYSIWYG control.
Besides, paths in Gimp could definitely be better. Bezier curves in
Inkscape work like a charm, and I have full control over stroke & fill.
I can even use a gradient as a fill color, and modify it as I'm working,
something I cannot do using Gimp. There, I would have to draw a path,
fill it, and only then would I be able to see the result. Plus, high-quality
anti-aliasing in Gimp is unfortunately still an issue, compared to Photoshop,
Krita, or CinePaint (I am using Ubuntu 9.10).


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