Hi Guys,

Inkscape is amazing!, I am a professional software developer, I have been working in an embedded scripting plugin for Inkscape, I started doing it for my own purposes (designing electric guitars and CNC parts) And now I have complete support for python scripting inside inkscape. I will release the code as open source in Github or Gitlab as soon as I can write some documentation. The attached screenshot shows how it looks. The plugin has its own code editor with syntax highlight, compilation check, and run. It uses only python and gtk3, my working environment is Linux Mint, I am not sure if it will work out of the box in windows or mac yet, but i  am pretty sure it will run in all platforms eventually soon.

The scripting environment gives full access to the svg document, xml manipulation and also Object Oriented wrappers (mainly for path creation and manipulation). Full python environment is also available. The scripting code is stored inside the document (<script> tags) and you can import external libraries too of course.

I hope some contributions will make the project better with time. This is not a macro system, you can not record actions or invoke GUI actions, you can just write scripts inside the document and manipulate the document itself, move, transform, change attributes, create objects etc.. from python scripts.

All your feedback will be welcome and I will be very pleased if the project result useful for the community.



Frank D. Martínez M.