Thanks all,

My situation is similiar to Christopher Wright, too.

So, the questions could be descripted to:
  * Under what terms is allowed to stick inkscape's logo?
  * Will the logo affect our original art work's license when we stick it?

I am looking forward the official page about logo terms of use, too :-)

sincerely, Mat.

On Wed, Jul 22, 2009 at 12:28 AM, Shawn H. Corey <shawnhcorey@...155...> wrote:
Christopher Wright wrote:
> Hmmm. If I wanted to stick a CC A-SA-ND licensed logo on my webcomic, which
> uses a CC A-SA-NC license, would the licenses be incompatible? Initial gut
> reaction says "yes they would." Of course putting the logo on a site wouldn't
> be a problem unless the entirety of the site and all content within fell under
> a single license, in which case you'd need to add an exception and some
> clarifying text...

You should always consult a lawyer for legal matters.  What follows does
not constitute legal advice in any manner; it is for entertainment
purposes only.

You can only apply a license to a work for which:

* You are the original creator.

* You gain the right to apply a license to the work from a legal entity,
a person or a corporation, who has the right to grant you the right to
apply a license.

In other words, if you include somebody else's work in yours, their
license applies to their work, your license applies only to yours.

Just my 0.00000002 million dollars worth,

Programming is as much about organization and communication
as it is about coding.

Regardless of how small the crowd is, there is always one in
it who has to find out the hard way that the laws of physics
applies to them too.

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