I've done something similar using Ruby to convert Inkscape-layers to the glyphs of a SVG font. My earlier post about that got completely ignored, but I believe the both the technique and the application could be interesting for others...?

This script turns Inkscape into a font-editor. Ofcourse, this was already possible, but slightly clumpsy. With my Ruby script, you can use Inkscape's guides for the font-metrics. 

Another Ruby scripts creates a starting template with a appropiately named layer for every glyph and guides for the font-metrics.



On Tuesday, July 16, 2013, Jakob Gager wrote:
I commonly use this inkscape extension (http://wiki.colivre.net/Aurium/InkscapeGenerator)
to have some sort of mail-merge feature. I does more or less the same as Steve introduced in a
similar way.
 From my point of view I would recommend it, especially if you don't wont to try yourself writing
an inkscape plugin :)


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