Similar effect can be achieved with the polygon tool. This is perhaps why it hasn't gotten much attention.

Just a thought. :)

On 26 Sep 2015 6:31 pm, "Jerry Segers" <segers@...3169...> wrote:
Hi, I had an idea for a feature in inkscape, and I submitted a wishlist bug on 5-17-2014 and noone seems interested. It is a suggestion for a LPE for a spirograph pattern generator. I did some research and found the necessary math info to make the shapes, and the algorithm needed to make the result from the math usable in inkscape. I was thinking it would be great for certificates, and suchlike. Plus I think it would just be great fun to play with. Is anyone else interested? Maybe someone who knows calculus and c++? Anyway, here’s the link if you’re interested.
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