Hi Steve. These are the toggle buttons which control what is scaled along with the shape you are resizing:

Note that these buttons only appear when you have Select and Transform tool active.
Toggle them on and off to control scaling of line witdh, corner rounding, gradient, and pattern, respectively.

Hope it helps. :)

On Sat, Sep 1, 2018 at 5:04 AM Steve Litt <slitt@...373...357...> wrote:
Hi all,

Inkscape is one of the best pieces of software I use. It's sometimes
hard to use, but the concept of drawing is very complex, so there's
only so simple Inkscape can be made.

The one Inkscape thing that gets me is switching between having the
stroke grow or shrink with the object, when the object is grown or
shrunk, as opposed to having the stroke width stay constant.

I've given up and just scale rectangles in rectangle mode, or if I need
to grow something big (perhaps because it's in a group), I just have to
manually change the stroke width EDT (Every Darn Time).

I know there's a toggle for this somewhere, but I can't find it in the
docs or in experimentation. Wherever this toggle is, it should be
shouted from the rooftops in the Inkscape documentation, and also made
very obvious and prominent in the menu system, which is the best route
toward discovery.

By the way, help->Inkscape_Manual fails to bring up a web page on my
system. It would be great if you had a copy-and-pasteable (and perhaps
clickable) URL of the manual on the Help->About window.



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