Doesn't Illustrator have a method of exporting to .svg format? I imagine .ai format is a proprietary format made for illustrator the same way .psd is for Photoshop, and you'd have to export it.

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> Hey!
> I have an .ai file with a logo in it that looks something like this
> (scanned from a t-shirt):
> Problem is that when I try to import it in inkscape, it gives me a
> blank file. I've viewed it in gedit so I know there's something in
> there, but have no clue how to get it out. I've tried opening it with
> GIMP and adobe PDF reader, but no go, I get the same blank page. Am I
> doing something wrong or is the file completely useless?

The file is useless except perhaps to Illustrator. The only data it
contains is AI private data, and it shows empty in any PDF viewers
too, including Adobe Reader.

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