Can you post an image of the design you wish to combine with your name? There are many many ways to make a watermark, seeing what you want to include in the watermark will help us give you a better answer.

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at the moment I am just trying to create a watermark.

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Are you cropping all your images to the same size before applying your watermark?
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Hi Joanne,
        I've compiled a collection of links to all the best Inkscape
tutorials that I know about, and divided them into beginner, intermediate
and advanced.  On the Home tab of Inkscape Community:
        I don't know of any specifically for making watermarks.  But you
would just draw the image you want to use, and add text for your
name....unless you want to draw your name, for example, like a signature.
Then whenever you're finished, just reduce the opacity of the whole thing.
        When I first started learning to use Inkscape, I used Help menu >
Tutorials.  Basic, Shapes, and Advanced are really good for beginners.
(Even though it's called Advanced, it really is for beginners -- honest
;-) )
        For learning about drawing and editing paths, there's a tutorial in
Help menu > Inkscape manual > Quick Start > Hiking Club Logo:   There
are other tutorials in the Quick Start chapter that you might find helpful.
        And you can always ask for help here on the mailing list, or in the
forum, if you get stuck with something, or just have questions.

Have fun!


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I used inkscape in the past but have not used it for a while and need some
refresher lessons. I want to make a simple watermark with a design and my
name and save as a transparent image. I need it in a few different sizes.
Are there any beginner tutorials you would recommend ?

thank you,


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