I've tried to get her to at least get permission to use what she prefers, but she won't go for it.  But, maybe frustration will bring about a change, since she finally got tired of Publisher and, since she has admin privileges on her computer (laptop), she put her preferred software on anyway, and now Inkscape.

I had to work on her to get her to do her first project in Inkscape rather than a photo editing program, but now that she's found some of the special effects, she's off and running.


On 8/25/14 7:44 PM, Martin Owens wrote:
On Mon, 2014-08-25 at 17:55 -0600, Ken Springer wrote:
She is using Inkscape for Windows, without company permission.  :-)
And she does not have the authority to force any changes.  They
already told her to stop using a DTP program she likes in lieu of MS
Publisher, but she got so frustrated with the extra work to get things
done with MS Publisher, she went back to the program she was using

I don't know if anyone in her company has Adobe Illustrator, or it's
successor if there is one.
Sounds like the company is broken. File a requisition, protest or other
form of officious paperwork requiring an audit of the workflow. If no
one in a company pushes back against dumb, then the company blindly goes
on mindlessly performing things in ways that are not in it's best

IMO It's every employee's responsibility to flag silly corporate
behavior when they see it. And I think this counts are super bad.

Good luck!


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