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Speaking as a software developer myself, I can say that wordiness in bug reports, although not a "problem" as such, can sometimes act as a deterrent. It's the same reason that "me too" comments on bug reports are discouraged. Generally it's a lot easier for a developer to get to work on an issue that succinctly describes the nature of the problem, and the proposed remedy, rather than one that requires reading through a longer discussion, possibly having to pick out relevant parts from multiple comments.

Aside: Although I can be guilty of the wordiness, the issue I have is not so often with bug reports, but mailing lists where every message contains the entire history of the thread quintuply quoted, including 20 footers about how to subscribe / unsubscribe / etc. to the point that it resembles some fancy free-verse poetry. This is what threaded archives are good for. Take time to erase -- particularly duplicate footers.