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Subject: Re: [Inkscape-user] Dashed path in inkscape
Date: Thursday, March 26, 2009, 5:22 PM

Judith K wrote:
> 2.  I use Robomaster 5.1 and can create dashed lines with all the drawing
> tools, including the curved spline.
I'm running RoboMaster 4.30. I've also run into another roadblock:
can't figure out how to transfer linestyle info from a .dxf file into
RoboMaster. I can easily generate a .dxf file with some linestyle info in
it, but my RoboMaster ignores this info. I can easily transfer color info in
this way, but that's not very helpful.
I'll try to find a newer version of RoboMaster and see if this helps.
not, then the only alternative is to develop a brand new extension as
suggested by Rob A and Aaron S. This is clearly the best way to go, since it
would benefit everybody, not just RoboMaster, but it's also more work,
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