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I just did.


--Victor Westmann

2017-05-16 13:16 GMT-07:00 Maren Hachmann <maren@...3112...>:
Hi Victor,


Will you join us there?


Am 16.05.2017 um 00:48 schrieb Victor Westmann:
> I'm so happy we got to this point! Really happy! Can't believe it we
> were able to solve this and finally, start editing this new material!!! ;-D
> Congrats to everyone involved in clearing the way for this to become true.
> Cheers,
> --Victor Westmann
> 2017-05-15 15:24 GMT-07:00 Maren Hachmann <maren@...3112...
> <mailto:maren@...3294...de>>:
>     Hi everyone,
>     join us for translating and editing the Inkscape Beginners' manual,
>     which is based upon Elisa de Castro Guerra's French book "Initiation à
>     Inkscape" (Original French version available at
>     https://www.flossmanualsfr.net/initiation-inkscape/
>     <https://www.flossmanualsfr.net/initiation-inkscape/> - don't translate
>     this one ;-) ) !
>     Thank you, Elisa, for sharing your work and helping with licencing (also
>     for joining the admins)!
>     The plan is to translate the book from French to English (Sylvain and
>     Hinerangi already did some of the work), and make adjustments as we see
>     fit, then to make it available for people who only start using Inkscape
>     - if possible, accessible directly from inside the Inkscape program.
>     Here are some notes to get you started (we may tweak processes later, if
>     we find better ones):
>     Platform usage
>     ==============
>     This book is written at flossmanuals.net <http://flossmanuals.net>,
>     which is a website that allows
>     for collaborative editing of books about Free/Libre and Open Source
>     Software. To learn more about the community that's behind it, please
>     visit http://www.flossmanuals.org/about-floss-manuals-foundation
>     <http://www.flossmanuals.org/about-floss-manuals-foundation>.
>     The manual for this 'manual writing platform' (which is an instance of
>     the Booktype software), is available at
>     http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/booktype-16-for-authors-and-publishers/
>     <http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/booktype-16-for-authors-and-publishers/>
>     .
>     Joining
>     =======
>     Join the group at
>     http://write.flossmanuals.net/groups/beginners-manual-for-inkscape/
>     <http://write.flossmanuals.net/groups/beginners-manual-for-inkscape/> :-)
>     Also say hi on the docs mailing list (see below, section
>     "Communication", so we know who is who, and what you can help with.
>     Editing
>     =======
>     IMPORTANT: When you're editing the book, ALWAYS leave a screen either by
>     clicking on the 'Cancel' or on the 'Save' button. This is because, if
>     you leave it by just closing the tab in your browser, the chapter will
>     stay locked and inaccessible for other editors.
>     Version
>     =======
>     This book will refer to the Inkscape 0.92.x series (important for your
>     screenshots!).
>     Writing Style
>     =============
>     This book is meant as an introduction for people who are not yet
>     familiar with Inkscape terminology.
>     When deciding how to phrase something, think of yourself when you
>     started to use a vector editor, or think of a teen who you would like to
>     introduce to the program, and who you would like to enjoy the process,
>     and to be able to make nice drawings after reading the book.
>     Stay on topic, make it easy to understand, and keep the learning curve
>     shallow. Write less rather than more. Be nice and encouraging to the
>     reader. There exists another manual that provides the deep, technical
>     details. We need to keep in mind that it will also be read by people
>     whose native language is not English.
>     Communication
>     ===============
>     Anyone who edits the book can exchange messages, files and snippets via
>     chat with other users who are online at the same time.
>     For discussions of wider interest, or when you hit an obstacle, please
>     subscribe and send a message to the inkscape-docs mailing list at
>     https://sourceforge.net/p/inkscape/mailman/inkscape-docs/
>     <https://sourceforge.net/p/inkscape/mailman/inkscape-docs/> .
>     Currently, we have 4 book admins (Elisa, Brynn, CR and me). Admins can
>     change the book settings, add other admins and create release versions.
>     Chapter status
>     ==============
>     Chapters move from one status to the next, when they're being worked on:
>     1. needs translation:
>     Chapter isn't (fully) translated yet. If you speak both French and
>     English, this is where your help is needed! This step only requires you
>     to work on the text. You can ignore any images.
>     2. to be proofed:
>     Chapter is translated, and needs to be checked by someone other than the
>     translator, to spot errors and do some polishing. If English is your
>     native language and you're good with words, grab this job!
>     3. needs images:
>     The chapter contains images, but those are still French. Either it's
>     just their file names that need to be changed (Workflow: download image,
>     rename it on your computer, reupload, change link in the Chapter(s),
>     provide meaningful alt text, delete French image) or a new screenshot is
>     needed from the English interface. If you know how to do these things,
>     please jump right in!
>     (Hint: all image links follow this scheme: static/image_file.ext)
>     4. completed:
>     This chapter is more or less finished. Concentrate your effort on the
>     other ones :) If you spot a mistake or typo, improvements are still
>     possible, of course.
>     Important: Don't forget to update a chapter's status, after you have
>     worked on it ;-)
>     When you've got a great idea that would introduce a major change in the
>     book's structure, please confer with other editors on the mailing list
>     to see what they think about this.
>     Cover
>     =====
>     If you're good at creating meaningful art, then we need you for creating
>     a cool cover image that shows what you can do with Inkscape and is
>     inviting for beginners. Read more about the Cover Manager in Booktype at
>     http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/booktype-16-for-authors-and-publishers/_draft/_v/1.0/the-edit-interface/
>     <http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/booktype-16-for-authors-and-publishers/_draft/_v/1.0/the-edit-interface/>.
>     Let us know about your plans on the mailing list (see section about
>     Communication).
>     Styling and Customization
>     ======================
>     If you know your CSS, you can help by improving the book's styling. You
>     can read all about customization for different output formats and the
>     front page in the design section of the Booktype manual at
>     http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/booktype-16-for-authors-and-publishers/formless-content/
>     <http://sourcefabric.booktype.pro/booktype-16-for-authors-and-publishers/formless-content/>.
>     For the book to appear on the flossmanuals.net
>     <http://flossmanuals.net> frontpage, the steps
>     outlined here are required:
>     http://write.flossmanuals.net/floss-manuals-workflow/_draft/_v/1.0/how-do-i-make-an-updated-version-of-a-manual/
>     <http://write.flossmanuals.net/floss-manuals-workflow/_draft/_v/1.0/how-do-i-make-an-updated-version-of-a-manual/>
>     , section "Publish new details..."
>     License
>     =======
>     This book is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution 4.0 license
>     (CC-By 4.0, see https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/
>     <https://creativecommons.org/licenses/by/4.0/>).
>     By contributing to this book, you agree to publish your content under
>     this license.
>     As a contributor, please add your name to the list in the 'About this
>     Book' chapter.
>     This chapter will *always* be in need of new content ;-)
>     Go!
>     ===
>     Have fun working on the book at
>     http://write.flossmanuals.net/start-with-inkscape/_edit/#
>     <http://write.flossmanuals.net/start-with-inkscape/_edit/#>
>     You will find a copy of these notes in the 'Notes' tab, and you will
>     find me working on translating French -> English there, in the late
>     evenings (CEST).
>     See you there,
>      Kind Regards,
>      Maren
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>     https://lists.sourceforge.net/lists/listinfo/inkscape-docs
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