Am 13.12.2017 um 15:13 schrieb Tavmjong Bah:
The advantage of CSS is we don't need to drop Adwaita to do our own
thing... we can override part of the Adwaita theme. I plan on making
the +/- buttons narrow by default.
I thought about that as well, but I realized it's not as easy as it might look initially:

The only solution I could come up with (and it's not satisfying): Pick one theme (that's about as much as we can maintain) and force Inkscape to use it. Are there any alternatives I overlooked?

I've done a search through the GUI and have found that the
GimpSpinButton occurs in the following places:

* Objects dialog:

  Included via the SimpleFilterModifier widget.

  Note: Opacity is handled by a hand-rolled Scale and SpinButton

  The SimpleFilterModifier widget should be replaced by the
CompositeSetting widget which includes the SimpleFilterModifier widget
and a SpinScale widget for opacity.

* Layers dialog:

  Included via the CompositeSettings widget.

  Note: There are two instances of the CompositeSettings widget here
which is strange as the CompositeSettings widget can handle both.

* Fill-Stroke dialog:

  Included via the CompositeSettings widget.

* Filter Effects:

  Included in various primitive sections via the SpinScale and
DualSpinScale widgets. The labels inside the GimpSpinScale widgets are
left blank and instead are put in a separate label widget in front of
the SpinScale and DualSpinScale widgets. This could be changed to save

BTW, There is a spin-slider widget that is still in our code base but
hasn't been used since 0.48. It is what the filter effects used then.

I don't see any particular case where we are seriously space
constrained but if necessary we can replace the SpinScale by a simple
What about:
* tweak toolbar
* pen toolbar
* calligraphy toolbar
* spray toolbar
* eraser toolbar
* fill toolbar

All of those use the GimpSpinScale, too, and these were the places where I think we actually *are* seriously space constrained. With Adwaita the toolbars are crowded, if not working full screen, many toolbars do not fit and widgets are hidden behind the arrow button to the right which I find extremely inconvenient to use.

Personally I don't see an easy option with the current designs. I 
actually tried to stack the +/- buttons again which could be
with CSS (see the win32 theme for an example - you can select it
the "Visual" tab of the gtk inspector) but even then we still do not 
really gain enough space (and the gtk-devs were not wrong: the
become tiny).
So maybe it's time to re-think spin slider widgets in toolboxes from
start and I'd say we should brainstorm this before finalizing on any 
design, otherwise we might just need to start over again once we
the new widget did not gain us anything except a GPLv2+ licensing...
I would be happy to entertain a better solution but in the meantime
I'll go ahead with replacing the GimpSpinScale widget now. While it may
not be an optimal solution, it is better than what is there now.

I fully agree that we should move forward eventually and resolving the licensing issue and designing a new widget is much appreciated.
If you think we can tailor the widget to resolve the functional concerns in hindsight that's fine by me. With my "respect" for gtk I was just afraid your work might go to waste if we ended up redesigning some aspect of the widget again...