Speaking as a software developer myself, I can say that wordiness in bug reports, although not a "problem" as such, can sometimes act as a deterrent. It's the same reason that "me too" comments on bug reports are discouraged. Generally it's a lot easier for a developer to get to work on an issue that succinctly describes the nature of the problem, and the proposed remedy, rather than one that requires reading through a longer discussion, possibly having to pick out relevant parts from multiple comments.

Most developers I work with prefer the short, easy to follow bug reports over those that require a greater investment of time to read and understand. I'm not saying there's anything *wrong* with longer reports - sometimes the discussions are essential to get to the bottom of an issue - but if the discussions don't directly add to the developer's understanding of the issue or solution then they can sometimes be a distraction.

But my reply was just a response to Maren asking if there was already a bug report. As I said, I'm happy to just add my extra suggestion to the end of the existing one, *or* to add a new report *if* that would be preferred. But that "if" is someone else's call to make.


On Wed, Sep 12, 2018 at 10:04 PM, brynn <brynn@...3089...> wrote:
I don't think the "wordiness" is a problem, personally.  But if you think it is, you could always make a concise comment to summarize everything, including your additional idea.

Or of course, you're welcome to make a whole new report if you like.