I'd recommend having a separate image with all the "templates" you need stored in it, then you would simply copy paste them from there. Or you could have a separate layer in your image and delete it once you have finished your work.

Alternatively (if you use the second method) you can clone the objects instead of copy-pasting them (which would make them easier to mass edit them, should you want to)

On Mon, Apr 19, 2010 at 11:31 PM, Johnny <yggdrasil@...2719...> wrote:
I am relatively new to Inkscape, and am looking to use it for general
vector drawings, but in particular drawing diagrams (single line
electrical diagrams). As such, is there anything similar (sorry for the
comparison) to Visio's symbol templates, where one can store recurring
symbols and simply insert them (and create custom symbols to add as the
need arises)? Any ideas on how best to manage this in Inkscape (or
indeed any other recommendations?) would be greatly appreciated;
likewise if there are any single-line symbols available?



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