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Never underestimate the power of a modern computer :) A typical PC is
able to fill your screen MANY, MANY times per second in terms of sheer
computational power.

Regardless of the speed of the machine, it will always be possible to create an image with enough heavy-duty filters to bog it down, even if Inkscape's algorithms were to be optimised to the max. I wasn't trying to suggest that a 500x500 pixel object will always slow a machine down, just pointing out that there's generally less work to do when it's zoomed out than when it's zoomed in. If an object has a filter that renders slowly - whether due to computational complexity, inefficiencies in Inkscape's code, or a slow machine - zooming out will likely cause it to render faster, and zooming in will likely cause it to render slower still.

Yes, a modern machine can fill the screen many, many times a second. But calculating what to fill it with can still be a multi-second operation, depending on the content.


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