Hi all,
Well, I thought Sodipodi was the most but it seems that Inkscape is a few brackets up so far!! :-)
Anyway, I downloaded and installed the newest build (0.36pre) but I can't WAIT for version 0.37!!  Screenshots look AWESOME!!  The fonts dialog pops up fine and all the fonts on my system are listed and I can use the other settings in the dialog EXCEPT for the area above where I type in my text.  I'm not sure what the deal is but I find this an issue with GIMP 2.0pre as well.  Obviously there is a file on my system that needs to be updated, maybe in the Common Files folder under Program Files but I have NO idea what it could be.  I'm a geek but I'm not a code geek so I'm lost!  H E L P ! !
Many thanks
Richard ;-)~
Peace and prayers