Thanks bulia
I should have said "apparent transparencies" - for example, I am doing a drawing of a young girl seen half through a glass of water.  So I can do (in Inkscape) the "orange" of her shirt by creating her shirt as "orange" then superimposing the slightly blue tones of the glass, with appropriate transparency to give the "perceived" colour.  If I do this, what I want to preserve is the "perceived" orange, affected by the slightly blue glass.  I am not actually worried and don't need or want a transparency, this was my fault in explaining the question, please accent my apologies.  What I want is to retain the colours achieved by overlaying transparencies in Inkscape, preferably as a .jpg, or a .gif will do.  I find .png files sizes a bit big, is this not usually so?
So if I want to do this and go to a .gif, do I need to go through Photoshop (for example)?
Regards, Adam in Oz
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Date: 08/08/04 10:03:15
Subject: Re: [Inkscape-user] Preserving transparency
> Showing my ignorance here, but what is the best way of obtaining a .jpg
> file from a .svg file done in Inkcape, while preserving transparencies
> and true colours?
You can't have transparency in JPG. It's not supported by the format.
Use PNG or GIF if you need transparency. In any case, PNG is much
better suited for the type of graphics that Inkscape typically
produces (sharp boundaries, flat color areas). JPG is not efficient
for such graphics and introduces ugly artefacts at boundaries.